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The Collapse is a bullet-hell roguelike set in a 1920’s future full of wonder, progression and space exploration... but its only got 5 minutes left.

Explore the cosmos in a procedural universe amid a vast war and prepare to fight an eldritch god at the end of the known universe. You will need to upgrade your ship with scrap collected from quests and fights, and eventually unlock unique ship types and secret gameplay features along your travels and timelines.

The hub world acts as the last safe place for humanity and is the bridge into the final minutes of the universe that is overrun with Lovecraftian minions that will ravage your sanity as you know it.

Keyboard AND Xbox Controller support!

Traverse your spaceship through the cosmos with these controls:

1, 2, 3, 4 or D-Pad to switch between quests!

The goal is for you to have fun, please consider leaving feedback in the comments, we'd really appreciate it.


David Jelnikar - Design, Programming - Website

Zion Love - Artist, Programming, Design, Animation - Artstation

Harry Johnson - Design, Programming

Cameron Jago Lis - Artist, Audio, Video Editing - Artstation 

Georgi Sirakov - Artist - Artstation

Joseph Rowe - Design


Sam Gallaway - Voice Acting - Instagram


Zion Love - Trailer Music

Michael Kremmel - MK Toon Shader Free, Unity Asset Store

Dark Fantasy Studio - Big Royalty-Free Music Humble Bundle Collection

Guavaman Enterprises - Rewired, Unity Asset Store

Install instructions

1. Download Latest Version

2. Unzip File

3. Launch Space Collapse.exe!


CollapseBuild2.4.zip 140 MB
ControllerLayoutDL.png 217 kB
KeyboardLayoutDL.png 244 kB


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This is an excellent easy to play casual game with some great graphics and a good soundtrack. I have really enjoyed playing it.

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Wow, sooooo cool! #totaly not one of the devs ;)

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